New Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Style Essentials from Zara


Comfort, warmth and impeccable style! Nearly the whole of Zara’s fall/winter 2014-2015 collection speaks those three words loud and clear. The Spanish retailer has us falling in love with the looser, warmer, more boyish styles that intrigue us to no end. We are enthralled with the use of flared denims and cozy knits while the selection of coats does much in terms of protecting our plaid print clad bodies from the harshness of the frosty winter. We have many months still before we see any hint of spring and Zara’s making sure we are made quite comfortable in our endless wait for warmer days.

New Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Style Essentials from Zara

The chill of the season should not scare us away from fashion, however. Dominated with sleek professional designs for both work and play, we will have a wardrobe fit for the best of them with these lovely selections sported by Karolin Wolter and Caroline Brasch Nielsen.

Mid-waist jeans flared at the bottom are perfectly accented with black pumps while a knit jacket provides all the warmth and utility with its pockets and knee length. What’s a denim collection without the overall look as well? Whether you have added a black or white fitted body-hugging sweater to the mix, you are bound to rock the streets while taking your everyday walks in these fashions.

Simple dark gray knit sweater dresses scream warm comfort, as they cover to just below the knees and let no wind slap against skin at the chest. High crew neck and long sleeves create the finishing touches while the dress can be accented with a black and white herringbone knit coat.

Gray slacks and a larger cashmere sweater do wonders for adding to the professional looking comfort you seek this winter season. The V-neck of the sweater gives the style a bit more character while complimenting the figure. The addition of laced shoes reminiscent of male footwear seems the perfect accent to this washed-out fashion staple. To change around the look while keeping to the comfortable feel of the sweater, baggy leather pants and a large wool coat with belt to cover the body to the knees are just what you need. It gives a bit of personality to the style without taking away from the cosy and relaxed aspect.

Zara Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Clothing

Zara Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Clothing

Forget the sweatshirt and sweatpants, this look gives you all the comfort you need in a single color of dark gray, without the added bulkiness. The perfect Sunday morning loungewear!

Last but not least, a Zara fall collection simply would not be complete without its coats. We are simply in love with the smooth professional double-breasted or draped designs that have us thinking the next while of snow-capped mountains and icy roads won’t be so bad so long as we have the right fashion to endure it. The focus is on efficiency and comfort, which the collection delivers without a doubt. It may not be the most fun to be out there, but at least we can conquer this season with stylish comfort when we’re not hiding away in the warmth of our hearths…

Zara Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Clothing

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Spectacular Bobby Pinned Hairstyles You Will Simply Adore


You’ve played with bobby pins since you were a child. If you were anything like me, you pretended you were a stylist for a princess and stuck at least 100 pins into your hair to make it look as Disney perfect as you could. You braided and curled, straightened and teased until your tresses took on some form that could appease your needs. In the end, you were either a genius and took a hundred pictures of your masterpiece or gave up with a disappointed sigh, knowing you’ll never make it as a coiffeur. Discover some of the coolestbobby pinned hairstyles that popular celebrities and It girls have sported, showing off the versatility of these simple hair accessories.

Spectacular Bobby Pinned Hairstyles You Will Simply Adore

Hairstyles with bobby pins are very common as they provide the means to hide your tools in your work, making the hairdo seem as natural to the human form as possible. There are designs and “how-to” features for every taste and personal style, whether you are simply being lazy, want to spruce up a ponytail or create an elaborate wedding design. After all, bobby pins are but simple tools that can achieve so much by way of the hair fashion industry.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles: Elle Fanning

Emma Stone’s Bobby Pinned Waves

Emma Stone could not have looked more captivating than with an elaborate pattern of bobby pins to one side, keeping her waves lovely as always. It’s a sweet schoolgirl type look that should find itself creeping into the styles of young girls everywhere.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles: Emma Stone

Kirsten Dunst’s Textured Bobby Pinned Hairstyle

Kirsten Dunst keeps her longer strands out of her face with pins matching the color of her platinum blonde hair. It’s practical to say the least and gives her wind-swept waves a subtle touch of elegance. We can’t help but appreciate the difference a simple addition to one’s hair can make, particularly when somewhat camouflaged.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles: Kirsten Dunst

Kate Mara’s Bobby Pinned Short Hairstyle

Zigzag black bobby pins on short hair, stitched across the nape of the neck, looks absolutely breathtaking. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s perfectly adorable. We love the look completely! Kate Mara rocks the style with her side part and slight flip outwards in her short straight hair.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles: Kate Mara

Simple Side-Swept Hair With a Bobby Pin

Placed at eye level, the allure of the single pin is astounding. It frames the face while giving the look more depth, the single piece doing wonders to attract the gaze.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles

Emma Watson’s Sleek Side-Swept Hair With Bobby Pins

Emma Watson sports an interesting arrow-like design with bobby pins placed for added effect, while her hair is side-swept in an equal side-part. The shiny pieces may match her hair colour, but they are simply perfect for subtle enhancement of her look.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles: Emma Watson

Diane Kruger’s Elaborate Bobby Pinned Hairstyle

Garnering attention is also Diane Kruger’s use of multiple pins in assortment around her hair, giving the side-swept look an intriguing factor. Rather reminds us of childhood experiments with the items, that either resulted in failed attempts or sheer perfection.

Stylish Bobby Pinned Hairstyles: Emma Watson

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7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death


Death is a tragedy, and the death of a fashion blog is no less reason to mourn. After all, so many of us are fashion bloggers of some sort. We love to share our thoughts, our designs, our outfits, our ideas on the issues surrounding the world of fashion. We love to critique and judge those on the catwalk, the Red Carpet, the fashion shows and anywhere else. There’s even a website for independent fashion bloggers. So a blog catering to bloggers in a certain niche, this one being fashion blogging. Google the word “fashion blogger” and the results are amusing to say the least. Over half the sites on the primary page are there to help you become a fashion blogger. So why do I say that fashion blogs are dying a sure death? If so many sources are there to help you become a fashion blogger, how is it that the profession is facing itself in the mirror and slowly counting down its days?

7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death

It’s a hard truth we must face. For what we are looking at is the end of the era, where fashion blogs large and small, with quite a varied number of followers each, had become the link between real people and high fashion. What brought it about though? I blame technology. Actually many who speak the same language blame the advent of Instagram and easy shortcuts to get quick tidbits from favourite fashion bloggers without taking the time to read what they have to say. Long-winded posts are left untouched while images with short captions are prioritized. Blame the modern world and the current generations’ unquenchable need to get things done quickly, without delay. Time is money and too valuable to waste reading when a simple image and summary caption will do. It is the trap we all fall into, that none are exempt from.

At the end of the day, these 7 reasons are the biggest when it comes to why fashion blogs are withering away, dying a sure death before our eyes:

1. Instagram

Yes, as previously pointed out, Instagram is a huge culprit in this terrible scheme to end the fashion blogging era. You don’t need a website when you can easily put up pictures, and the captions and the hashtags and let the world follow you around instead. The largest blog sites do not have the same number of followers as an Instagram account does. It is, after all, simpler to simply check your Instagram feed than a webpage.

2. High Competition

This really does one in. A blogger myself, I know the competition out there. And even if it’s a personal blog about a certain topic or a certain place, you always seem to reach a point, where you are disappointed that someone else thought of something first. It grates on your nerves and you take a break, only to find a new hobby and either rarely or never come back. If it’s a new niche, uncharted grounds, you are doing great, but once you realize that every other person has taken an interest in starting their own blog about the same topics, you find yourself hard-pressed to beat the competition.

3. How Relatable are They Really?

You know it’s hard to relate to someone when they are in a class of their own. You’ve seen it at school, you see it around your city, and you most definitely see it when it comes to fashion bloggers. The Blonde Salad is but one example of a blogger making millions whilst so many struggle with minimum wage.

7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death

4. They can be All Over the Place

Sometimes you wonder what exactly the point of a particular fashion blog is. Are we looking at shoes, bags, dresses, seasonal clothing, or perfume? Where’s the brand or the direction? What exactly are you trying to convey? Unfortunately, most bloggers seem to think their pages are for advertisements and banner space. You may not be convinced that the sphere is dying, but you can most definitely admit to the lack of creativity all around.

5. So Little Content

If we are talking about a lack of direction and creativity, we can definitely talk about a lack of content. Fashion blogging isn’t just about showing off your outfits. Self-obsession doesn’t add to the popularity of a blog, the creative content does. Real, journalistic, creative content. When we read something, we want to learn something new, not simply have one’s personal opinions about pieces in her own closet slammed in our faces.

6. Looks Mean Everything

The most popular fashion blogs are run by rather beautiful individuals, who often end up grabbing a modelling contract themselves. The ordinary folks who are not of the ideal weight, height, or physical attractiveness are often sidelined in the world of fashion blogging. When it is the image that counts more than the content, you officially slam another dagger into the heart of the blogging sphere.

7. It is No Longer New

At the end of the day, what kills a particular trend is the fact that it has been duplicated so many times, overdone in so many ways, that it no longer holds any lustre. It has lost its shine. There are too many fashion bloggers who have beaten the same horse too many times. Personal style bloggers who have shown off their fashion sense time and again but offer nothing new. When a trend is no longer new, no matter how popular it may be, it is bound to end. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but the death of the trend is indisputable. So either the fashion blogging sphere will simply change with the times and take on a new personality, or it will die away with partial dignity (it cannot be full if so many have already wreaked havoc on its image). To new beginning then, we shall say!

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Blake Lively’s Cool Maternity Looks


If you’re going to be pregnant, you better do it in style! It appears Blake Lively is living up to those words completely, as she struts around sporting only the most fashionable fall looks while covering her protruding baby bump. The 27-year-old “Pretty Little Liars” actress has been known for her impeccable style. We remember her from back when “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” was such a big hit, though her style has certainly matured over the years. Whether her perfectly coifed hair includes a fishtail or a retro bouffant, this is one stunning mama-to-be. Pregnancy most certainly suits this lovely lady and today we want to discuss some of the coolest Blake Lively’s maternity looks.

Lively’s pregnancy was announced on her website, Preserve, as she released the first picture of her baby bump. Seems like the family oriented actress is planning for a rather large household. Her website boasts that Preserve itself is all about family, catering to the needs of all, but lately most especially to those, who are expecting, mother and baby. That just makes the Blake Lively image all the more endearing. Married to Ryan Reynolds in 2012, the couple seem to be doing very well together, as fashionably stylish as always.

If we could copy what’s in Lively’s maternity closet, I do not believe there would be a moment of hesitation! Looking at her outfits as she strolls down the NYC streets inspires us to no end. If you’re going to be finalizing preparations for the baby’s arrival, why not do it in a colorful poncho, short skirt and knee-high boots, right? From the pattern, to the color, to the combination overall, we are simply loving this look!

Light blue striped flower print Michelle Lim skirts are an interesting choice to cover the baby bump, but also ensure it’s shown off to the world. We may find the combination interesting with the gray coat and bronze-red boots, but we cannot deny how much we simply love the look. That purse just completes the outfit. The boots and the grey coat are simply delicious! Every woman should have sucked a collection as part of her autumn wardrobe.

Blake Lively's Cool Maternity Looks

The baby also has got to see the red carpet and Blake Lively will show the little one off only in the most spectacular of Michael Kors dresses. She took that long glittery full-sleeved gown, shimmering under the spotlight like the pot of gold she is, while an oversized Michelle Lim coat ensured she’s warm enough for the season. Glitter and glitz are just part of the person she is and the way this particular mother-to-be carries herself is no less than with the posture of a grand lady.

These days, the announcement of a pregnancy is creative, fun and through the digital world. When Blake Lively gave her own announcement, it also had business attached to the event. After all, she looked ever the professional with a retro twist in her Sam & Lavi floral print blouse tucked into a Maxi long skirt that extended to over the baby bump. The happy laughter can almost be heard when we look at an image like this.

Blake Lively's Cool Maternity Looks

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6 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Washing Your Face


We are not cavemen and though the caveman regimen has done wonders for some individuals with acne after 60 days of not using any soap or water on the face, it is quite important that we do cleanse the skin most exposed to the sun, dirt, and grime during the day. Wash your face the wrong way and you might actually be adding to your skin problems in terms of oiliness, breakouts and irritation or dryness. Here we present some of the most common mistakes many of us make when washing our faces for you to get to know them and avoid them from now on.

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Washing Your Face

We make too many mistakes when it comes to such a simple chore as keeping our faces clean however. When we wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing we do. When we are ready to go to sleep, we make sure we’ve washed away the evidence of the day’s hard work. During the day we might need to wash a time or two or three as well. At the end of the day, how we wash our faces can make a huge difference in our overall appearance. Strange as it may sound, there are actually steps we must rigorously follow to ensure we are doing it right.

1. You are most probably using the wrong products. It may not be necessary to use product, but the American Academy of Dermatology most definitely recommends it for the proper removal of all excess dirt and makeup. You should be using something gentle and without the addition of alcohol it should be non-abrasive and not remove the healthy skin cells and natural oils along with the waste. It should neither be too gentle that it requires a double use, nor too harsh that it irritates the skin or has it feeling tight.

2. If you do not wear makeup or sunscreen or any other product that you slather over your skin, skip using the cleanser more than once or twice a day, unless, of course, you have been sweating. After all, there is little to take off and tepid water shall do the job nicely. Should you overdo it however, you may be looking at the overproduction of natural oils, which could lead to breakouts. You should be keeping a balance and not stressing out your skin too much.

3. You are also most probably using the wrong temperature. Your pores open and close according to the temperature. If the water you are using is too hot, they will open and lead to dryness, while if it’s too cold, the pores will close and it may be hard to clean them out. Lukewarm water to wash the face and your fingertips to apply the cleanser are the only things you should be using. Different water temps or using a sponge instead of your fingers can lead to irritation, dryness or other skin problems.

4. Exfoliation is also overdone in most cases, or a washcloth used instead of your fingers. Make it a rule to never use anything but your own hands when applying product to your face unless it us a brush for makeup. You do not want to be tugging on the skin and causing unnecessary abrasions. Exfoliators themselves should only be used 2-3 times a week. Overdoing anything can never lead to positive results, though using this product is good and healthy for your skin.

5. You may not be using enough water or rinsing your face as a whole. We often forget the nose, the hairline and the jaw when we are rinsing our faces but those are just as important as the rest. So before you fall into bed at night or hurry off to work in the morning, take a moment to really wet your entire face, wash off anything unnecessary and then go on with your day.

6. You should be applying moisturizer if your skin is dry or itchy, but you should be careful about the products you use. You should not be using anything with a fragrance, colorants or synthetics preservatives like paraben. Avoid anything with Sodium lauryl sulphate as well. Apply the moisturizer right after cleansing, before you have pat (not rubbed) you face dry. This allows for maximum absorption into the skin, while after you have dried your face off it may simple make the skin feel greasy.

At the end of the day, do not be afraid of your own natural oils and do not be spending too much on products for cleansing either. Simple, natural, and scent-free is what you should be aiming at, to ensure you keep your skin away from irritation and breakouts. All skin types benefit from cleansing with oil, so do not worry about how to go about it. Just make sure you are not making these mistakes we are all prone to and you shall be glowing with health the next time you face the world.

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Celebrities don’t need a reason to splurge. These wealthy A-listers are on a spending spree almost every other day. Take for instance, Victoria Beckham, who after splurging on a great holiday season has allegedly spent £500,000 ($820,000) during a recent shopping spree. According to the Daily Star, Posh Spice was busy hitting the boutiques in Milan, Italy, where her husband David is currently playing soccer for AC Milan. It is reported that the former Spice Girl splurged on 20 pairs of Dolce and Gabbana shoes, 12 pairs of Versace sunglasses and a £400,000 ($648,600) Rolex watch. Making sure the style icon had no trouble while she buys her goodies were her designer friends Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who closed their stores to the public so she could shop without being bothered by fans. Confessing her passion for shopping, Victoria said, “I’ve spent too much. Shopping is like a drug. The more you have the more you want. When I’m in Milan I don’t know how to resist it.”


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