8 Eyeshadow Hacks You Need to Know


Our eyes are the mirrors to our souls, so when we meet anyone they will be looking at those warm orbs, trying to figure us out. This makes the eyes the most important focal point when it comes to applying makeup, with smokey eyes and nude lips often being the preferred choice. However, our eyeshadow often does not look as lovely as we hoped it would, having us wonder about any eye makeup tricks that may be utilized so that the artistic design of the makeup looks as flawless as we hope it to be. We are the artists and the eyes are the canvas. Now to only get things right!

8 Eyeshadow Hacks You Need to Know

Follow these 8 eyeshadow hacks and you’re bound to make even the best of those in the profession jealous of your expertise…

1. Use a light beige base for some popping action: You shouldn’t just be applying the color to the lids without a base and often people opt for the white with a slight shimmer to bring out the depth of color. Instead of going down this route, however, it may be more efficient to use a more natural base if you don’t want to get a cartoon style artificial popping look. The light beige will reflect the light off in a way that the color looks as good as it does in the pan, popping out in a more subtle manner.

2. A large oval brush is best for application: There are so many makeup brushes out there; sometimes it becomes near impossible to choose which is best to use. In terms of applying eye shadow, a large oval brush takes care of the problem, as you no longer need three different tools to apply the base, the color and the sweeping light shade on the brow bone. Using the different ends of the brush’s head, you can reach all the different parts of the eye.

3. Use a single shadow to create depth: Some seem to believe that there’s a need to use multiple shadow colors to give depth to the artistry on your eyes, but using a single shadow with a complex mix of pigments should work even better, especially when mixed with more iridescent particles. This gives dimension to the look as the light reflects differently on each pigment. It can be a rather effortless look, if you use the right product.

4. Crisp edges can be made with simple post-it notes: You would be surprised as to how utilizing simple things lying about in the house such as Post-it notes can help you create the perfect eye design. Some love to blend in the color into the skin, while others prefer a fiercer, stricter lining. This can be achieved by placing a note on your skin with the edge ending at the perfect junction. Use can blend as needed thus, without having rogue shadow all over the place and when you peel the note off, you have a clear and crisp line to the shadow.

5. You can easily use shadow as liner: Liquid liners tend to be too bold and pencil liners may not have the right effect, but using eyeshadow to create a softer look overall can be great! Just wet the liner brush with the thin slanted edge and draw on the shadow with a steady hand. Just make sure you use a very small amount of water and have most of the excess squeezed out before touching the shadow in the pot with it as too much moisture can create a breeding ground for bacteria you certainly don’t want to be placing on your eyes.

6. Darker shadows help add better proportion to your face: Some people are not blessed with the perfect proportions to the eye size and length in between. You want both eyes to open to the same size, which often does not happen naturally, and you were the distance between the eyes to be the same measurement as the eye opening. These are classical measurement that the gods of olden days sported, which is why we now use makeup to emulate the look. Light shadow over the lid creates contrast, while darker shadow is used at the outer corner of the eye and blended into the hairline. Have the eye lined on both upper and lower lids to create a better effect, opening up the eye and having it appear to shift out form the center of the face.

7. Shadow on the inside brightens eyes: Use light, shimmery eye shadows on the inside corners of your eyes to brighten the look, have it look larger over and give you a younger appeal. It alleviates the darkness that’s found in the area and gets rid of that tired and stressed out look you’ve been walking around with.

8. Eyeshadow can be used for lips as well: To give your lips a fuller, pouty more luminescent look, use pale frosted eye shadow over your lipstick color. The grip is from the lipstick used while the shadow adds radiance to the look, with 3D lip effect.

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Real Talk with Amanda: The Worst Celebrities Carry the Best Bags


The cast of 'The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' were seen arriving at Yellowtail Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA

Since we started doing daily celebrity coverage a couple of years ago, you guys have picked up on the same phenomenon I have: a star’s cultural clout is almost always inversely proportional to the quality of her handbag collection. There are exceptions here and there–most notably, Reese Witherspoon–but the reason that reality stars and tabloid fixtures love carrying designer bags is the same reason that many of us do, or at least why we did when we started.

Designer bags occupy a unique spot at the intersection of function and fashion, which makes them widely marketable in a way that designer clothing just isn’t. A lot more people will consider adding a $2,000 bag to their wardrobes than a $2,000 dress from the same designer, and that means that bags are recognizable to a large audience that typically goes beyond just the fashion-obsessed.

All of personal style is about clothing as a social language, and designer bags’ work particularly well for people who want to telegraph status and privilege. They sit out in front of the body in position of maximum visibility, they can be carried often for maximum impact and they usually have some sort of branding that marks them as expensive and special, even for people who know little about fashion. They’re a perfect status symbol in much the same way that expensive cars are.

That makes bags an ideal gateway into high-end fashion for a lot of consumers, and it also makes them essential wardrobe fixtures for D-listers trying to milk their notoriety and convert new fans. An expensive, of-the-moment bag marks a woman as savvy, successful and stylish, all of which are the cues that someone climbing the fame ladder has a vested interest in sending to the public. That’s how you get reality starlets like Dorothy Wang, whose luxury goods are a large part of the premise for her fame; the Kardashian sisters’ penchant for expensive things, bags chiefly among them, has also helped raise their profiles over the years. They might even be proof that, with the right people, the scheme can work.

On the other hand, stars whose profiles have been crafted more traditionally–with award-winning movie roles or critically acclaimed albums–are less likely to use their personal style to signal to their fans in the same way. Women like Adele and Julianne Moore don’t necessarily need to be seen in the context of success’ trappings every time they go outside because their cultural value isn’t in question.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that those stars don’t have elaborate closets full of fine clothing and bags; they all do, almost without exception. They just don’t present themselves public in the same elaborate way; Naomi Watts slinging on a casual Givenchy bag to go trick-or-treating feels appreciably different than Kim Kardashian clearly planning an outfit around debuting an incredibly rare Birkin. The messages are distinct.

That fashion has this power, of course, is just another reason to love it. Even if it means that more often than not, the stuff we’d love to own shows up on the arms of people who we hate to envy.

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20 Fashion Mistakes That It Girls Never Make


There are so many fashion mistakes that women make on a daily basis that we don’t realize it ends up affecting on our psychology and the way we view our bodies. We are obsessed with looking perfect but fail to realize that our fashion beliefs can be self-destructive and doing a disservice to our overall appearance. Whether you are looking at color schemes we avoid or sizes we pay close attention to, we forget that at the end of the day, our choices affect how we feel about ourselves and how we judge others. Just because we think that wearing white after Labour Day is a sin doesn’t make it so. On the contrary, winter whites are rather amazing and should most definitely be donned. Just make sure you avoid messy areas and keep to cleaner spaces. Driving about as we normally do, whites shouldn’t have a problem staying crisp and clear.

20 Fashion Mistakes That It Girls Never Make

So when it comes to fashion mistakes we seem to all make, how many of this list can you say you are guilty of?

1. You pay attention to the size more than how the clothing fits on you: I have pants that are size 5 in a more expensive women’s store but can’t seem to find anything under size 8 or 10 in other stores that would fit me. You may be a large in Forever 21 but a size 2 in Stella McCartney. The cheaper the brand, the larger in size you feel you have to go, while the truth is you can never tell which size you actually are by numbers. Go instead with what seems to fit you right without being overly tight or overly loose.

2. You actually believe taller women should stay away from heels: That’s rather discriminatory, to say the least. Height is a good thing and tall girls shouldn’t be made to feel inferior or unfeminine. Instead, they should be allowed to celebrate their body instead. If they want to rock killer heels, they should not only be allowed, but encouraged to do so. It doesn’t matter that they will be towering over the rest. What matters is that they will shine with a confident radiance they may not have if forced to wear flats instead.

3. You don’t shop for you but for the social media appeal: It seems everybody is keen on sharing their fashion sense on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter these days, probably in exactly that order. So instead of buying cheaper, more comfortable pieces that really define you, you are opting to spend your hard-earned cash on luxury brand-name pieces that you will not be enjoying as much without the attention garnered by posting on social media.

4. You never consider wearing menswear: Honestly, menswear is not simply for men and we know it. You may not be wearing men’s suits from a fancy store, but when it comes to fun pieces, including sweaters, utility jackets, shirts and maybe even shoes, women can rock the men’s look perfectly. They may not be trendy overall, but they certainly can be comfier, slouchier and a piece you would love more than the for-women counterparts.

5. You stay as far away from horizontal stripes as possible: This is a bad habit of ours, especially since the sailor look is so amazing unto itself. You may not be able to pull off a horizontal striped body-hugging shift dress, but you can definitely rock a full skirt, a striped overcoat or even a comfortable classic cotton shirt with the horizontal look. It doesn’t necessarily have to make you look big either.

6. You steer clear of mixed prints: The truth is that the latest fashion trends all include mixed prints and it doesn’t look too busy if tastefully assembled. Instead, using this look can make you look fresh, fashionable and perfectly street-stylish. Florals and stripes are great but if you are having trouble with this, just consider leopard prints and camos like neutrals. You can mix any print with these!

7. You have a problem with wearing red to a wedding: Why on earth this would be a problem for you, we just don’t get. Black we may understand due to the fact that it’s the color you wear to a funeral. Red, however, is fun, happy, full of excitement and adventure. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. It’s not too sexy for the wedding either. Some cultures actually have reds as part of the wedding dress. Skin-tight mini dresses with plunging necklines might want to be avoided, but reds do make great formalwear as well and can look both classic and elegant. Think Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. Go for the chiffon, the silk and the organza instead of the shiny satins, while embellishments should be kept to a minimum. This ensures great taste without over-the-top style.

See also: How To Choose Wedding Shoes

8. You forget to give the retro a modern spin: We get it that the ‘70s fashion trends are back but would it kill to upgrade your wardrobe to look like you are wearing retro instead of stuck in the decade? Not only does this make you look like you’re wearing a costume, but it ages you by at least 10 years; this is not something any woman wants. Add modern staples to the vintage looks and you are set to go!

20 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

9. Sequins are believed to only be great for a night out: Check out the latest fashion trends and you will realize that beaded shirts and sequin pants are nothing to be ashamed of and can certainly be worn during the day as long as they are not screaming too loud. Tops with sequin detailing go amazingly well with boyfriend jeans for example.

10. You never get anything tailored: Chances are that your body certainly doesn’t mirror the model’s on which the design was tried and to whose type the piece was tailored to. You should really go to a seamstress and have the pieces you wear sized to your body type, taking out areas that are too tight and taking in regions, which fall too loose. You don’t want coats with too-long sleeves or oversized dresses that just look baggy. You can look fine in what you wear, but you should aim to look impeccable in your attire, particularly those meant for business.

11. Showing too much skin is believed to be sexy: Here’s a reality check; there’s a fine line between looking sexy and trashy and chances are that too much skin will have you looking like the latter. Teenie-tiny skirts, skin-tight dresses and really low necklines only serve to make the men around you happy for all the skin they are able to see. If you love your body and want to show it off, instead opt for tight jeans and a silky top that accentuate your curves, a mini dress with high neckline and/or longer sleeves with ankle boots or strappy sandals, or amazing heels with a skin-tight pencil skirt and silk blouse. There’s so much you can do that makes you look sexy, really shows off the natural lines of your body and really brings out your character.

12. You think sweatpants should only be worn at home: The latest trends tend to focus on a sportier look and a pair of well-fitted sweatpants can look really cool with something like peep-toe booties and a comfortable tight sweater on top. A structured blazer can also add to the appeal of the look. Voila! No need to be afraid of sweatpants in public again.

13. Instead of buying a good piece, you always buy a replacement: This is a strain on your wallet in the long term and you never end up buying anything other than that simple striped cotton shirt you get for less than $10. Then again, if you will dish out $10 a month for that shirt, you have already spent $120 during the year and could have saved a great deal by opting for the $40 version instead. The pieces you have should be given a once over and either altered to look great again, given away or sold in an online marketplace. Go out to hunt perfect clothing items instead of replacements for ones you have worn out or stained already.

14. You think you should keep to less accessories: There’s a rather idiotic rule out there that one should always remove one accessory before leaving the house. Now, if you are a simple person, who doesn’t like to add too much in terms of jewelry, that’s fine. But if your style is stacked bling, go for it! Some of the best designers, stylists and fashion bloggers out there have been rocking a whole myriad of accessories of late, looking as fab and glamorous as ever!

15. You would never do denim on denim: What are you thinking? It’s known as the Canadian tuxedo and easiest way to rock the denim look, really. Pair pieces that have different levels of the washed out look together so you don’t look like you got lost among the cattle. A personal favourite is dark denim jeans with white blouse and light denim jacket. It looks chic, stylish and rather sexy when paired with brown high-heeled ankle boots.

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16. You don’t mix black and navy: Now, the less experienced in the fashion world certainly have no idea why you would have this rule and those who are super fashion-savvy have been defying it of late. Why on earth you won’t mix the two is beyond me as it adds an air of mystery to the look, while keeping to the darker hues. You should try it out and the mistake would be in never mixing the two, even if it’s only black tights with a navy blue dress.

17. Sneakers are believed to be only for the gym: Newsflash my dear. Check out the latest trends and street style looks and you will be surprised at the looks the street fashionistas have been rocking these seasons. You really should get out more and change around those sneakers if you think they cannot look amazing with your dresses, pants and jean looks. Yes, we definitely endorse sneakers with certain dresses as well, considering it adds a casual appeal to an otherwise party look. Slip-on sneakers, wedge sneakers and everything in between look absolutely amazing with leather pants, sleek skirts, maxi dresses and dressier outfits.

18. You don’t consider ever cutting your hair short: We get it; you love your mane of long gorgeous hair. It’s healthy, it’s sleek and it’s certainly your man’s favourite. However, you cannot honestly believe that you look more attractive with longer hair. Some faces actually work better with shorter styles, the same way some foreheads look better with bangs. Sexy chops, however, can look just amazing if not more! Shorter hair can make short girls look taller and curvier women look slimmer. That may be one huge incentive for cutting down on those long locks.

19. Clutches are believed to be night time accessories: We’re not quite sure what brought about this notion, but we certainly don’t believe a clutch should only be used during the wee hours of the night when you are out at the bar, clubbing or simply some place where carrying around a larger bag would be inefficient and downright unfashionable. However, a clutch can also be used during the day. We encourage you to do so with gusto actually. Fashion week brought about many influential persons to the streets with strap free oversized clutches that were gorgeous beyond belief and downright fashionable. Plus, they will carry your essentials. Shiny gold pieces or beaded versions are great! Plus, they all look fab with faded boyfriend jeans and heels.

20. You have a certain aversion to high waist pants: This is a terrible thought unto itself as high waists can actually look super flattering on one’s body. On the contrary, those super-low waists of the early 2000s were probably the abomination to begin with! Anyone with a bit of booty was looking at exposing their cracks to the world. High-rise slim fitting jeans that hit your ankles look amazing and are honestly the most flattering, giving you legs that you may not have thought you had. Add heels to the ensemble and boy you look gorgeous! It makes you look taller, thinner, and with longer body proportions overall, really accentuating your assets.

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Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Holiday 2014 Campaign


Victoria’s Secret loves focusing on the sexy angelic figures and ensures its models fit the mould perfectly. From the multi-million dollar Fantasy Bras to the Dream Angel collections, lingerie is made to look fabulous, glamorous and defined by pure elegance. There’s a focus on the sexy as well as the romantic, the seductive as well as the angelic. Each season is full of new mysteries but the Angels pull it off incredibly well and have the rest of us waiting in clear anticipation for the next amazing show or the reveal of the newest campaign. It’s no surprise that we are enjoying the offerings of the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels holiday 2014 collection!

Models Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, and Stella Maxwell are the incredible beauties showcasing the latest pieces from the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels holiday campaign, bringing to mind soft innocence and angelic thoughts, even while the girls radiate with a seductive elegance. This may be the exact reason why they have been selected for the Dream Angels shoot.

Between the background and the lingerie, we are left to wonder about the emotions running through the model as she sits with a tulle skirt not quite covering her lacy panties, while a matching coral lace bra cups her breasts perfectly. The whole look is slightly whimsical, utterly lovely, and simply gorgeous.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Holiday 2014 Campaign

An ethereal beauty in sexy lingerie stands by the stairs, waiting for the master of the house. It’s every man’s dream and most certainly a fitting display for the shoot. The lacy ruffled garter, lacy bow in the back and the coral pink color of the lingerie are adorable and most certainly coveted items from the list.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Holiday 2014 Campaign

Nothing says heavenly quite like snow-white tulle, a bright background and shy downcast eyes with a seductive appeal that turns most everyone’s blood just a little warmer. The ocean colored bra looks just as amazing and we are wondering about the matching panties for the set. Angel wings are certainly fitting, as the model appears to be a mermaid goddess stranded on land but no less alluring. If not careful, many a man would be lured to his death.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Holiday 2014 Campaign

Pale purple in matching lacy bra and panties look spectacular, but more so with the pose this angel has settled into. It’s a submissive look that certainly feeds many a man’s dreams, while her innocently seductive look complemented by a lacy bow linking the straps of the bra together speaks volumes about what’s planned for the night ahead. That of course, is another of the Dream Angel’s secrets.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Holiday 2014 Campaign

Last, but not least, the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels holiday 2014 collection would not be complete without a heavenly fragrance and a lovely angel-themed bottle. The Heavenly Luxe scent is meant to be romantic, having you fall in a love that’s akin to paradise. It’s completely dreamy, soft and delicate, the fragrance of which will truly complete the divine sophisticated look you are going for.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Holiday 2014 Campaign

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Kim Kardashian Debuts Hermès Bag Painted by Baby North


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to an office building in Los Angeles, CA

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Decoding Kristina Bazan’s Chic Style


Fashion bloggers are aplenty and they appear or disappear at random given intervals, often not calling much attention to themselves. Kristina Bazan does not fit into this category, however. The 21-year-old fashioniser founded her own fashion blog in 2011 with her partner James Chardon, calling it Kayture and turning her hometown of Geneva into a petit Paris with her vogue, style and fashion sense. A model and creative director herself, Bazan wears only the best brands on the market, including Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Jimmy Choo, etc. Today we are decoding the incredible style of Kristina Bazan, discussing some of her most inspiration looks that you might like to consider copying!

Decoding Kristina Bazan's Chic Style

Bazan started her blogging “career” in a small village in Switzerland, where she always managed to stand out with her luxurious style. Initially, she wanted to do music, however, she was wise enough to understand that starting her blog could get her more connected to people, which would let her realize her dream. She’s now started her music career too, and we can’t waist to see the first results!

It appears that Ms. Kristina Bazan really stood out when she partnered up with companies such as Chopard, Piaget and Cartier and then had her editorial-quality articles featured in major fashion magazines including Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan. Best known for her minimalist, timeless and elegant style (high heels are her best friends), she always feels courageous enough to try new trends and looks, discovering her other sides. She certainly has quite the following and travels the world constantly. Furthermore, the pretty lady has moved her life over to glamorous Los Angeles, where she will be showing off those Alexander Wang shoes and Hermès Constance bags.

Chic, brazen and overall just sexy, Bazan took to the streets of New York in baggy boyfriend jeans ripped up by her hands, a modern well-tailored black blazer on top of nothing but a Stella McCartney bra, a Louis Vuitton bag worn around the waist as a belt bag, or fanny pack as many would call it, and strappy stiletto heels. She looks amazing and it’s no surprise to hear about how many people stopped to compliment her outfit and ingenious way of wearing her bag.

Decoding Kristina Bazan's Chic Style

Los Angeles is certainly not as cold as Switzerland would be, giving the famous fashion blogger an opportunity to wear summer dresses in November. She’s been walking around with an amazing cape as well, complete with a matching Rag & Bone navy blue hat and over the knee boots from Jimmy Choo. A simple black belt from Marni and a quirky Lulu Guinness clutch completed the spectacular outfit. We love the colors, we love the combination and we certainly love Bazan’s style!

Kristina Bazan Street Style

We’ve already mentioned how lovely Bazan is, but it truly should be remarked on once more. Wearing her Dolce & Gabbana key print dress, the fashion blogger couldn’t look more dashing or more impressively glamorous. A golden crown was added to her braid and bejewelled in reds and greens. The makeup she has on matches the crown and dress so perfectly, we cannot help but stare with wonder. That absolutely breathtaking clutch we certainly want for our own collections, looking like a Middle Age precious treasure chest. Those Jimmy Choo over the knee boots are mentioned time and again, which have us really wanting to grab those amazingly comfortable pieces for ourselves!

Kristina Bazan Street Style

LA weather must really be warm for Bazan to be strolling about in a flimsy but gorgeous mini dress by Rebecca Minkoff that had a loose structure with a flattering waist cut. Adding a Filni necklace just completed the look and filled out the deep V cut at the chest while the rest of the look was kept casual with a nude colored bag and comfortable navy blue shoes. She looks chic, sassy and shows off quite an effortless look. The Los Angeles sun is really doing the young fashion princess good!

The latest Michael Kors fall collection had some amazing navy and cream colored pieces that Bazan has incorporated into this look she sports in LA of late. She looks like a professional turned soccer mom, who is most certainly the sexiest woman on the block and she knows it. Those chunkier 5-inch heels with ankle straps look amazing with her Michael Kors bag and Michael Kors perfume as well, apparently. The look suits her complexion and really brings out the blue of her strikingly gorgeous eyes.

Kristina Bazan's Style

Punk rock and slightly country tones come together with this amazing look that was showcased in New York, presenting the Rita & Zia CHAOS collection pieces. Lace top gives off a more elegant vibe, while the tartan shirt adds a punk twist, black leather says chic and gothic and multiple golden eye-catching statement pieces complete the look. This look is amazingly perfect and the hat adds to the stunning allure of it all.

Kristina Bazan's Style

We are left entranced by the fashion sense Kristina Bazan has and know she’s off to a grand start in her career in the fashion industry.

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